Pride Capital’s investment strategy is to acquire control or a substantial minority interest in the equity of fast growing, medium-sized companies.

Investment criteria

Focus on markets with high growth potential

Operating companies with effective business models

Strong and successful management team, acting in the interest of shareholders

Potential for business growth, both organically and through acquisition of other companies

Ability to achieve substantial size of business, leadership and stable position in the market

Potential to increase shareholder value

Ability to exit by selling to strategic investors, investment funds or public offering (IPO)

Investment approach

Pride Capital is flexible in its investment approach. We will consider the financing of growth, industry consolidation or purchase of shares from existing shareholders. Investment may be by Pride Capital alone or through consortiums of investors that we manage.

Structuring of investments

Pride Capital’s favoured model is to acquire control so that we can better assist in the strategic development of business. However, in certain circumstances, we will consider the acquisition of less than controlling stakes with structured protection of the rights of minority shareholders.


Pride Capital has extensive experience and looks to invest in fast-growing, medium-sized companies operating in attractive sectors:

Consumer goods

Healthcare services

Financial services

Retail Media and telecommunications

Transportation and logistics services

Other industries with high growth potential