Pride Capital works in partnership with owner-entrepreneurs, management and other stakeholders to implement projects to improve shareholder value.

In particular the focus is on:

Fundamental work to contribute to the development of the business before any financing activities:

Development of the optimal legal and tax structures

Formulation of the company’s development strategy, strategic financial model and business valuation

Development of long-term motivation strategies for the management team

Implementation of international financial reporting, management accounting and budgeting

Introduction of a world-class system of corporate governance, including the formation of an effective board of directors with independent directors, board committees and the introduction of directors and officers liability insurance

Acquisition of competitors, industry consolidation

Creation of joint ventures

Raising equity capital (investment funds, strategic or private investors)

Refinancing / restructuring of excessive leverage

Providing liquidity for the company’s founders / shareholders via public offering (IPO / SPO) or sale to strategic investors